Our Impact

Investing in our future

Our Impact Strategy

Creating value beyond financial return

Mobilising capital for renewable energy infrastructure investment – helping to improve lives of millions of consumers for whom reliable power is a prerequisite for a quality life.

Impact is an integral part of our investment strategy.


What Our Team Does

What our Team Does
Each box tells you more about what we do!

1. Bridging gaps

Bridge finance gaps needed for widespread deployment.

2. Impact Evaluation

Demonstrate measurable impact of investment through specific outcomes.​

3. Sector Focus

Focus on specific renewable sectors that have immediate and scalable impact.

4. Cost Focus

Drive down costs of technology and infrastructure in order to make them more accessible.

5. Strong Network

Work collaboratively with partners to strengthen communities’ ability to access relevant and appropriate renewable technology and infrastructure.

Impact Measurement

We focus on outcomes

Impact Measurement is more than a set of numbers. Gore Street Capital seeks to understand the depth and complexity of the problems and how our investments can contribute to addressing these challenges.

Impact measurement is a critical tool used by the team to assess how they can better serve their businesses, clients and communities.

Gore Street Capital tailor a set of metrics for each investment. These environmental, social and economic measurements can include:

  • Net CO2 emissions avoided.
  • Total renewable electricity generated.
  • Efficiency gains through better use of existing infrastructure.
  • Amount of energy saved from quicker response time and efficient use of new storage systems.
  • Amount of capital saved and CO2 emissions avoided from less reliance on non-renewable energy generation.
  • Energy saved from better use of existing renewable generators due to load balancing.
  • Households benefiting from renewable energy infrastructure and improvement of renewable energy generation.



Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered

Gore Street Capital (‘GSC’) is an experienced renewable energy and private equity investor. It is the Investment Manager of the publicly listed Gore Street Energy Storage Fund (‘GSF’), which is the first listed pure-play energy storage fund in the UK. Since inception of the Company in 2015, it has increased its assets under management 10-fold to almost £300m, which includes additional assets under management from the Irish Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Energy storage is the capture of energy produced at one time for use at a later time to reduce imbalances between energy demand and energy production. Energy storage battery owners provide the National Grid with grid balancing services supporting them in dealing with system intermittency; mainly caused by the addition of renewable sources of electricity (like wind and solar).

Gore Street Capital at its core is focused on sustainability. We have a strong regard for diversity and an attention to detail.

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£293m - December 2020

The Manager’s fees consist of:

The Advisory Fee: The Investment Manager is entitled to receive an advisory fee from its AUM payable quarterly in arrear calculated at the rate of one-fourth of one per cent. of Adjusted Net Asset Value (the “Advisory Fee”). For these purposes “Adjusted Net Asset Value” means Net Asset Value, minus cash on the Company balance sheet

The Performance fee: If eligible, the Investment Manager will receive a sum equal to ten per cent. of such amount (if positive) by which Net Asset Value (before subtracting any accrued performance fee) at the end of a Calculation Period exceeds the Benchmark of 7 per cent. provided always that in respect of any financial period of the Company (being 1 April to 31 March each year) the performance fee payable to the Investment Manager shall never exceed an amount equal to 50 per cent. of the Advisory Fee in respect of that period.

In addition, the Investment Manager is paid a fee of £75,000 per annum for AIFM services, an annual accounts administration fee of approximately £6,000 per energy storage asset and a corporate services fee of £124,596 per annum.