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ProjectLocationCapacity% Owned by
the Company
Site TypeStatusTarget EnergisationBattery
LascarManchester, UK20.0 MW100%GreenfieldOperational BYD
HulleyCheshire, UK20.0 MW100%GreenfieldOperational BYD
LarportDerbyshire, UK19.5 MW100%GreenfieldOperational BYD
AncalaAcross UK*11.2 MW100%Renewable GenerationOperational BYD
Breach FarmDerbyshire, UK10.0 MW100%GreenfieldOperational BYD
StonyMilton Keynes, UK79.9 MW100%GreenfieldOperational To be confirmed
EnderbyLeicester, UK57.0 MW100%GreenfieldUnder ConstructionMay - end 2024To be confirmed
MiddletonHeysham, North West, UK200.0 MW100%GreenfieldPre-ConstructionH2 2026To be confirmed
Lower RoadEssex, UK10.0 MW100%GreenfieldOperational NEC ES
Port of TilburyLondon, UK9.0 MW100%PortOperational NEC ES
BoulbyNorth Yorkshire, UK6.0 MW100%[1]Industrial MiningOperational NEC ES
CeninWales, UK4.0 MW49%Renewable GenerationOperational TESLA
MullavillyNorthern Ireland50.0 MW51%GreenfieldOperational NEC ES
DrumkeeNorthern Ireland50.0 MW51%GreenfieldOperational NEC ES
KilmannockRepublic of Ireland30 MW (phase one) plus 90 MW (phase two)100%GreenfieldUnder ConstructionH2 2025 (phase one) / H2 2026 (phase two)To be confirmed
MucklaghRepublic of Ireland75 MW51%GreenfieldPre-Construction2028To be confirmed
PorterstownRepublic of Ireland30 MW (phase one) plus 60 MW (phase two)100%GreenfieldOperationalOct-end 2024 (phase 2)Fluence
49.9 MW100%GreenfieldEnergisedJan-end 2024NIDEC
CremzowCremzow, Germany22.0 MW90%BrownfieldOperational LG Chem - Leclanche
Mineral WellsTexas, USA9.95 MW100%GreenfieldPre-ConstructionJune - end 2025To be confirmed
Cedar HillTexas, USA9.95 MW100%GreenfieldPre-ConstructionJune - end 2025To be confirmed
Wichita FallsTexas, USA9.95 MW100%GreenfieldPre-ConstructionJune - end 2025To be confirmed
DogfishWest Texas, USA75MW100%GreenfieldUnder ConstructionDec - end 2024TBD
MesquiteTexas, USA9.95 MW100%GreenfieldPre-ConstructionJune - end 2025To be confirmed
SkylineTexas, USA9.95 MW100%GreenfieldPre-ConstructionH2 2023To be confirmed
SnyderTexas, USA9.95 MW100%GreenfieldOperational LG Chem
SweetwaterTexas, USA9.95 MW100%GreenfieldOperational LG Chem
WestoverTexas, USA9.95 MW100%GreenfieldOperational LG Chem
Big RockCalifornia, USA200MW / 400MW100%GreenfieldUnder ConstructionDec - end 2024To be confirmed

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May 2021 - March 2022